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This service is an investment that absolutely pays off.

I recently accepted a position as a public school teacher and realized that this change in life meant I would need to purchase my first car. I’ve only biked in the city, so they idea of driving and going through the process of purchasing a car was terrifying. Luckily I was able to connect with Eric and Quadrant Motors. Eric started the process by assessing my needs. We discussed what my budget was, what was I looking for in a car, how often would I be driving, what I would be using the car for and so on. Many of the questions he asked were ones that I had not previously considered. His guidance and knowledge helped me understand what I was truly looking for. After this conversation he came back with a solid recommendation and begun checking the market for the right fit for me. He was patient and respectful when I decided I needed to do my own research before moving forward. My research came back that Eric was absolutely right in his advice all along. We decided to go through a dealership to address my needs of financing and wanting to do a lot of test drives. In each of the test drives, Eric explained the various features of the car, the pros and cons, and his recommendation. Eventually Eric and I decided that a new Subaru Crosstrek was exactly what I needed. Here is where Eric helped me save thousands. Negotiating prices and services with dealerships lives up to its reputation of being predatory. Eric was no bullshit while he reviewed the contract. He helped me navigate which warranty packages would be worth the money despite the dealerships’s aggressive sales tactics. I’ve been driving my new car for about a month now. Through my commutes and road trips, I’ve fallen even more in love with the car I purchased. If I had gone through this process on my own I would have purchased an unreliable car that didn’t fit my needs. Eric saved me time and money while granting me peace of mind. He is worth every penny.

Elise Knaub

Great Service

My husband and I both work full time. When our car was totaled from an accident, I needed to find a new car that met all my criteria (I’m really picky) and in a hurry. We didn’t have the time to spare to complete all the research. Quadrant Motors was my life saver. Eric did the research, found multiple vehicles that met my requirements and did all the leg work for me. Eric made the job of looking for my replacement car “easy” if car shopping could ever be called that! Thank you Quadrant Motors! I don’t know what I would have done without your services!


Eric did the work I didn’t want to do & got me a great result!

A few months ago it was time to let go of my Subaru BRZ after I moved back downtown. I was ready to just take it to CarMax & accept whatever they appraised it & call it a day. But Eric knew he could do better for me & in just over a month my BRZ was sold & I had a bigger check than I’m sure I’d have gotten otherwise. He cleaned up the car, took amazing photos of it & handled all the back & forth calls & negotiations with potential buyers. If only I’d known Eric several years ago when I sold my previous car! The next time I’m in the market for a used sports car, I will definitely be reaching back out to him to find my next ride.

April Kilduff

Incredibly Helpful!

I have been working with Eric for the past few months to try and upgrade my Mercedes. I have an S-Class 500 but feel that it’s getting expensive to maintain now that my local repair shop has gone out of business. Eric has given me a number of interesting options that I might not have considered in both the luxury car space and the new hybrid vehicle lines. Eric sends over emails with links to available cars for me to peruse every week. One idea he had is for me to include extended warranties. And another idea was to look at leasing. We’re looking at a car that I’ll own for the next 5 years. Finally, I even looked at Audis and Teslas, which I wasn’t even considering beforehand. When I finalize my purchase, I will update this review.

Ben Fuller

Went the distance!

Recently I challenged Eric to find me a car for my fiancée in Massachusetts. He found the car we were looking for. It was perfect. But the real accolades are for navigating the logistical challenge of enabling me, in Chicago, to purchase a vehicle from a Pennsylvania auction, have it delivered to Massachusetts and assist in obtaining Massachusetts registration. His dedication, knowledge, and finesse were unparalleled.

Dale J Giolas