Buying and Consignments

We help you make the right choice!

Vehicle Purchasing with Quadrant Motors

Don’t speculate on one most important purchases of your life. Quadrant motors offers research and valuation services and  so that you make right choice.  Let Quadrant Motors, provide the peace of mind to ensure that you make the right choice.  We offer valuable about choosing the right make, model and trim options as well as assistance in interfacing with the dealer and the finance team. We have a list of approved dealers that provide honest sales and service for most car brands. We are you advocates and allies during your vehicle purchase.  

  1. Pre-sale information including research and appraisals
  2. Help with choosing the right model and options
  3. National search to fine the best vehicle and purchasing assistance
  4. Financing and extended warranties
  5. Complete explanation of sale documents
  6. After sale assistance to explain operations and features
  7. Reminders about scheduled maintenance and service

Consignment Services

We treat your vehicle with white gloves, taking the hassle and worry out of selling.  Let us the work for you!

Quadrant motors offers research and valuation services so that you make right choice.  Do you have the time and knowledge to do the proper research to ensure we find the right buying and the best price for your car or motorcycle.  We are you advocates to make sure the consignment process is pleasant and trouble free.  

  1. Research and appraisals to determine to right price
  2. Extensive advertising and marking of your vehicle
  3. We coordinate all pre-sale preparations and repairs
  4. Financial advice and  assistance to potential buyers
  5. After sale assistance to explain operations and features

Trust us to handle your sale. Give us a call text.