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We are the fresh approach to finding your dream vehicle, let us find the vehicle you are looking for!

Quadrant Motors believes that car and motorcycle buying should be a pleasant, stress-free experience.  As a licensed dealer and broker, we do the research and offer valuable insight about choosing the right make, model and trim options. Let us find the specific model, color and options you’re looking for! We can also recommend a vehicle to your needs based on the information you provide us on our car buying questionnaire.

You don’t have to setting for what’s on the lot, or calling and visiting lots of places trying to find what you want. 

Our goal is to provide you piece of mind by finding the car or motorcycle that you actually want and that is right for you as well as ongoing after sale support. We can even deliver the vehicles right to your door.

  • Pre-sale information including research and appraisals
  • Help with choosing the right model and options
  • Transparency about vehicle condition and known service history
  • As brokers, we search nationally to find the best example of the vehicle you want
  • We offer financing and extended warranties
  • Complete explanation of sale documents
  • After sale assistance to explain operations and features
  • Reminders about scheduled maintenance and service
We helped dozens of experience the hassle free way to locate the vehicle they want, trust us to do the same for you. Ready? give us some information below or give us a call or text.

Let you find the car or motorcycle you are looking for. Just give the information and your contact info and we will get to work.  You can also fill out our detailed Car Finder Questionnaire so we can better understand who you are and what you are looking for.  Don’t worry all information provided is completely private and we never share any of your information!

If you are already a customer and have nice things to say, Write Us a Review. Accolades and nice words about your experience with us helps us grow! Let us know exactly what you’re in the market for and we’ll help you find it.